October 1996: Diva Magazine Interview With Horse McDonald

Before converting to Gender Evangelism, DIVA Magazine (Lesbian life and style) knew that ‘lesbian’ men were leering misogynists. Today, they are part of DIVA’s target market.

Revisiting better times, below is an interview DIVA Magazine carried out with the wonderful Scottish singer Horse McDonald for their October 1996 issue.

Horse talks about growing up as a lesbian in Lanark, and shares her experience of having initially felt more acceptable when perceived, and perceiving herself, to be a man.

Enjoy, and watch her video for ‘So, Kiss me’, at the bottom of this post.

That voice…

“A concert in 1995 was the first time, never mind sexuality, that I admitted on stage that I was a woman! I know that sounds crazy to anyone else looking at me. But that’s just one way I got through things. I thought I’d be all right if I was a guy, you see.”

“The police in my home town were really rank rotten to me. They used to sit and stare at me and shout names at me out of their vehicles…I used to get hounded by the locals…They would smash bottles and run after me”

“There’s nothing more rewarding than standing on stage listening to people singing your songs so loud you can’t hear yourself.”